Error Messages

What should I do if I receive errors related to using multiple Google accounts?

The Problem

You may receive one of the following error messages while using the Avery Label Merge add-on:

  • "Authorization is required to perform that action."

  • “A server error has occurred. Please wait a bit and try again.”

These errors occur when two or more Google accounts share the same web browser.

For example, Tom may check his personal Gmail ( on one browser tab and then access his work Google Drive ( on another tab. When Tom later comes to do a label merge, he may receive one of the errors above.

This is a documented Google bug.

The Temporary Workaround

Load your browser in Incognito/InPrivate mode by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N.

Login only with your licensed Google account and run the add-on as normal.

The Permanent Solution

In Google Chrome, create a profile for each Google account. Each user account can then have its own profile to access its Google account, rather than using a single shared profile to do so.

In our example, Tom would have a Chrome profile where he would access all of his personal ( Google services. Likewise, he would have a Chrome profile where he would access all of his work ( Google services (see screenshot below). The error would be avoided as Tom would not use multiple Google accounts on the same profile.