Merge Images, QR Codes & Barcodes

Merge images from a Google Sheet to a Google Document

You can merge any image (including QR Codes and Barcodes) into your personalized labels. The image needs to be accessible from a public url. You can even specify a new size for the merged image. This is ideal to generate product labels, organize your shipping, library, store or any other business. Produce convention, event or conference badges with attendee names.

Template Example

Merged Labels

How to do it?

  1. The column name in your Google Sheet containing the image URL should be tagged with the value <img> (for example "<img> Photo" as shown in the image below).

  2. If the image is in your Google Drive get the URL as follows:

    • Right click the image and click ‘Get shareable link’.

    • Copy the link and paste it in your Sheet as shown in the image below.

  3. Insert the *|<img> Photo|* merge field into your Label Template just like you would with any other merge field.

  4. Hit the Merge button as you're good to go!

Can the original image be resize?

Yes. You can set with width and height in pixels within the <img> tag.

For example the following column header <img|200x100> Photo would resize the image width to 200px and height to 100px for all the images within that column.

How can I generate QR Codes?

You can use an online service which generates a QR Code image from a URL. For example you can use Google Charts QR Codes as follows: Smitháé


Merged QR Code Image

How can I generate Barcodes?

You can use an online service which generates a Barcode image from a URL. For example you can use as follows: Name&style=196&type=C128B&width=200&height=100&xres=1&font=3


Merged Label with Barcode