How can I filter which rows to merge?

Follow these steps to filter which rows to merge:

  • (If not already done so,) Link/Open the spreadsheet file from your Document Template containing your label box design. You do this by clicking the 'Select Sheet' button from the add-on sidebar.
  • Through the add-on choose the sheet from your file which contains the data you need to merge.
  • Click the 'Create Row Filter Column' button link as shown below:
  • Now open your Google Sheet and scroll to the last columns. You should find a new column (created automatically by the add-on) called 'Label Merge Status'
  • Under the 'Label Merge Status' column mark with an 'x' (or any other value) the rows you wish to exclude from merging. That's all! you're ready to merge your filtered rows.
  • When you perform the merge, the 'Label Merge Status' will be automatically filled to indicate the date and time the merge occurred. If you wish to re-merge the rows you need to clear the content of this column.
  • If you delete or rename the 'Label Merge Status' column the filtering will be ignored.