Filter which rows to merge

From the Google Docs Add-on

  • Click the Select Spreadsheet button to chose a file to merge data from. In the example below, the Label Merge Customers file was chosen.
  • Then select the sheet in your file which contains the data you need to merge.
  • Click the Create Row Filter Column link as shown below:
  • Now open the Google Sheet selected above and scroll to the last column. You will find a new column called Filter Rows to Merge.
  • Then type 'x' (or any other text ) for the rows you wish to exclude from merging. As shown in the image below, you can even create a formula to determine which rows should be excluded. In the example below it is excluding rows for customers who's gender is equal to "F".
  • When labels are being merged, the add-on will automatically enter the date and time of the merge in the Filter Rows to Merge column.
  • If you wish to re-merge the rows you need to clear the content of this column.
  • If you delete or rename this special column the filtering will be ignored and all rows will be merged.