Pricing & Payment

Buy/Renew Your License

Please use the form below to buy or renew your Avery Label Merge license.

NOTE: The price of the Avery Label Merge license is heavily discounted based on the number of users, i.e. the more users on the team, the lower the price per user.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply for a site/company License?

Enter your details in the form above and you'll get instant access after you pay.

2. How are users in a site license counted/managed?

Please check this article.

3. What if I've already bought individual licenses will I get a refund if I buy a site license?

Yes, the individual license will be refunded.

4. Can I get a formal Quote for our Purchasing Department?

Yes. Email us to request one.

5. I paid through PayPal but still don't have access to the full version. How come?

Usually payments are registered instantly and you can use the full version of the Add-on straight away. However sometimes PayPal's system is busy and might take some minutes to send the notification.

6. Does my PayPal email account has to match my Google account?

No. It doesn't matter which PayPal account you use. The payment is always connected with the Google account you loaded the Add-on from.

7. What if I have two Google accounts (such as and Do I have to pay for each account?

Yes. Each license is granted to one account. However if you want to grant access to a number of users within your company/domain (such as multiple accounts under you are eligible to a volume discount. Calculate your discount by filling the above form.