Manage Site License

How do I manage users on a site license?

Step 1

Click Add-ons > Avery Label Merge > License.

This will open the License Information dialog box. Here you can find information regarding your license, such as its status, its expiry date and the maximum number of users permitted. You will also be able to see when each user last used the add-on.

Step 2

To add a new user, click Add User.

Step 3

Enter the user's email account in the box provided and click OK.

Users may or may not be within your domain (or organization). For example:

  1. can add, or

  2. can add or

Step 4

To remove an existing user, locate the user in the License Information dialog box and click Delete.


  1. Once users are deleted, they cannot be added again. Therefore, it is important to only delete users who will never use the add-on again within your organization, e.g. if they have left the company.

  2. The administrator will take one of the user licenses by default and cannot be deleted.

Advanced Feature: Automatically Install the Add-on for Specific Users

APPLICATION: You want to install the add-on for users on your domain so that it will automatically show up under the Add-ons menu for selected users.

Alternatively, users can install Avery Label Merge from Google Workspace Marketplace.

Step 1

The following steps need to be carried out by your Google Workspace Admin using the Google Admin Console.

If you don't already have one that is suitable, create an organizational unit, e.g. Avery Label Merge Users.

Step 2

Add users to your organizational unit(s).

Step 3

Add the add-on to the G Suite Marketplace Whitelist.

Step 4

Add the add-on to the domain install list and assign it to the applicable organizational unit(s).

Users within the organizational unit(s) will have the add-on installed for them automatically.