Manage users in a site license

You don't necessarily have to! Once the maximum number of licensed users is reached, new users will automatically disable the oldest inactive account. This frees administrators from managing the Add-on users.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you want to re-activate disabled inactive accounts you need to pay $30 administration fee to reset your site license.

What if I want to restrict which users are allowed to install the Add-on?

Yes you can. Ask your IT Administrator to login to the Google Administrator Console first. Then paste the link below for more instructions from Google as you can see from the screenshot:

If your administrator is not in a position to do this, do not buy a site license. Instead you have to buy individual licenses. Otherwise other users in your site/domain can take your license.

How can my users install the add-on?

They can either search for the 'Mail Merge for Avery Lables' add-on from Google Docs Add-on->Get Add-ons... menu or you can simply give them this link to install it: